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Lakewood is known for it's natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere

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Recreation facilities and programs are available to people of all ages and abilities in the City of Lakewood. Hundreds of classes, programs, and events are offered at Lakewood Recreation. The company has four recreation centers, two golf courses, a community center, and two golf courses. A therapeutic recreation program and private rentals are also available.

Lakewood offers outdoor activities for people of all ages. There are 113 parks in the city, including Bear Creek Lake Park and William F. Hayden Park on Green Mountain. Our urban forest is protected and managed by exemplary forestry and horticulture programs and has 240 miles of multipurpose trails.

A number of small tributaries of the South Platte River flow through the city. The city is located in the South Platte River watershed. These include Lakewood Gulch, Weir Gulch, Sanderson Gulch, and Bear Creek. Through the northern part of the city, Dry Gulch and McIntyre Gulch flow east from Lakewood Gulch. The far southwestern part of the city is drained by Turkey Creek, a tributary of Bear Creek. Through the city's extreme northwestern part, Lena Gulch, a tributary of Clear Creek, flows east then north.

Lakewood has several small lakes and reservoirs. Located in the extreme southwest of the city, Soda Lakes are one of the most popular recreational areas. Bear Creek Lake, a reservoir fed by Bear Creek and Turkey Creek, is located east of them. In central Lakewood, there are five reservoirs: Main Reservoir, East Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, Kendrick Lake, and Cottonwood Lake. Located northeast of them is Kountze Lake. Maple Grove Reservoir is fed by and drained by Lena Gulch in the northwestern part of the city. Located outside the city limits to the northeast of Bowles Reservoir No. 1, Marston Lake is located in the extreme southern part of the city.